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Digital Art & Animation Intern

  • Time: 3-6 months
  • Paid
Job Description:

LaDriere based in Bloomfield Hills, MI is seeking to add an additional artist to its staff through its apprenticeship program. The apprenticeship would be a 3-6 month in length with a potential offer for full-time employment at the end of the apprenticeship.

We are looking for an individuals that have an eye for color, composition and overall aesthetic. An ideal candidate will be comfortable with image editing as it relates to compositing and retouching cars and backgrounds. Be able to work in 3D environments and handle multipass rendering. Be effective with written and verbal communication. Looking for candidates that are passionate about product rendering and retouching.

Job Details:

Qualified candidates will be comfortable with using Photoshop for image editing. They will also have familiarity in a variety of 3D skills that includes, lighting, modeling, texturing, shading/look development, animation. Familiarity with motion graphics, Hard surface modeling, 3D sculpting, UI/UX design, interactive app development, and VR would be a plus. A preference will be for candidates that would be available to accept a full time position at the completion of the internship and those that have some experience with compositing and retouching cars and backgrounds.

LaDriere is a Digital Art Studio that produces art, video and interactive applications for marketing and Advertising purposes.

This Position has been filled